Get Involved

Join us in the fight for democracy using the Aunties Recipe Box below. Pick one, two, or all!

  • Join the Aunties Coalition and bring along five friends.
  • Stop the effort to change votes.  Many Secretaries of State have been pressed to step in after votes have been counted and change election results. Go to the High-Profile Elections under the SOS Information tab on our website to find out if this is a concern in your state. We have developed a list of questions you can ask candidates in order to determine if they are committed to free and fair elections.
  • Register and vote in ALL elections.
  • Volunteer for voter registration and mobilization, to defend the right to vote.
  • Stay informed about voter suppression and authoritarianism by subscribing to This Week in Voter Suppression and Authoritarianism
  • Share the opportunities for actions you know about.  
  • Make a donation to support our efforts. Men can be honorary aunties too!